What is this Blog?

Simply put, this blog is an outlet for me to talk about my main interest:  The history of the World, and how that history has shaped today’s society:  From the individuals who had so much influence that they shaped our society’s structure and understanding of our universe single-handedly, to the civilisations and cultures that were so influential that their impact can still be felt today, even though their last members are long dead.

This blog will look at some of those people and cultures that I consider to be the most influential and relevant in today’s world, why they were and why they failed whilst hopefully keeping the subject matter as light as possible with some ideas of where to read more if you, my reader(s) want to learn more.

Who is the Author?

I am a 23yr old Astrophysics postgraduate student from Shropshire with interests in history (which will be the focus of this blog), astronomy (I will talk about this occasionally) and various video games (which I’ll only touch on if there’s something really cool to talk about).

I hope that what I write here will inform you not only about the historical facts of some of the more interesting bits of European (and possibly World) history, but also why we should use those facts to avoid repeating the decidedly bad bits of human history (the end of civilisation, the Dark Ages, religious zealotry and the extreme ends of the political spectrum, that sort of thing).

If any of what I have written here sounds appealing, then do please give me a like and follow this blog.  If not, I’m quite happy to sit here and type away to myself anyway.

-Thomas Cartlidge