Here Goes Nothing…

So here we are, then.  In a way I suppose I could have started writing this sooner, or perhaps just given up on it as an idle fancy, something that would be nice but as a postgraduate astrophysicist I would never seriously have time to entertain.


And there is always a but.  Whilst the scientific fields encourage freedom of thought, to investigate with objective logic the universe around us, it so often ignores what it is that makes the very same universe so interesting:  Ourselves.

We live in a universe of impossibilities; indeed the more impossible something appears the more likely it is to happen.  From gravity to matter to stars to all of the different elements that make life possible, there’s no real reason why any of it should have happened, and especially not in the way that it has.

By the same stroke our modern world is also an impossibility.  From the grandest of empires to our thirstiest of ancestors thinking that that cow looked really appetising, there is no reason for most of our World to be the way that it is.  Whilst the most fundamental building blocks of our society have been lost to time (fire, agriculture, music etc.) most elements of our society only really exist when there’s enough food and security for freeloaders like politicians, philosophers and poets to exist.

This, then, is the aim of my blog:  to briefly look at and discuss some of what I regard the key periods, societies and individuals of Europe from the last 2,000 or so years and their impact on society today; hopefully with some humour and pizzazz thrown into the mix.

I hope you enjoy.

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